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Registering companies
in Canada

Welcome to Misolla

Opening bank accounts
in Canada

Welcome to Misolla

Start-Up support

What we do
We incorporate
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We provide business registration services in Canada

In Canada, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, and Corporation are the main legal entities. Legal documentation for any sort of company is prepared by our attorneys to assist you in forming your business and incorporating it.

We register a new company or organization in the government’s corporate registry system once all of the paperwork is complete. You’ll need your company’s certificate, articles, and minute book to open a bank account.

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We provide help with a banking for companies in Canada and globally

Canadian banks are well-known for their strength, stability, and dependability. Opening a business bank account in Canada requires a thorough understanding of the steps involved and requirements needed for your desired account.

Our experts are well-versed in dealing with bank restrictions, constraints and mandatory requirements. Misolla legal team is always on the side of our client.

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Start-Ups support

With our start-up support and legal services such as name search, trademark registration, and setting the essential accounts in numerous business-oriented organizations, we help start-ups communicate effectively with multiple agencies.

We prepare all documents according to the mandatory list. You’ll receive a Tax ID, an HST Account, a Payroll Account, and Initial Returns, a Minute Book, among other things.

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Registering companies
in Canada

There are three basic business structures available in Canada: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, and Corporation.

Sole Proprietorship
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    bank accounts
    in Canada

    Banks, trusts, cooperative credit movements, life insurance firms, and securities dealers make up the banking sector. Currently, there are 35 domestic banks, 21 subsidiary foreign banks, 28 full-service foreign bank branches, and 4 foreign bank lending branches.

    In places including the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia, Canadian banks have branches and representative offices. All banks are trustworthy, offer services in a variety of languages, and charge similar prices for the same high-quality services.

    Online banking
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      If you’re just getting started in business and don’t know how to incorporate in Canada, Misolla Legal Company team can assist you.

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      Who are we?

      Misolla Legal Company is a Canadian law firm that helps customers in North America and Europe grow their businesses successfully. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is the location of our corporate headquarters. We’ve been here since 2010.

      Why Canada?

      Canadians are known for being open to doing business with foreign companies. In addition to its abundant natural resources, Canada is also noted for its cutting-edge technologies and highly skilled workforce. Canada offers great financial stability.

      Misolla Legal Company attorneys are ready to assist you in completing all of the essential paperwork as fast as possible. Then, armed with all the advantages provided by Canadian law, you can start your business wherever in the world.

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        Our goal
        Our mission is to make the incorporation and registration procedure for business owners transparent and comfortable.

        As a result of our extensive knowledge of Canadian law and local regulations, rules, and limitations we are able to provide legal services that are second-to-none.

        The four social groups with which start-ups need to successfully interact are the government, public, third parties, and employees or team players.

        Every business owner is aware of the importance of legal documents in writing. We would gladly assist you in the creation of accurate legal documents.